Youth Ministry

Bible Classes

Intended Age Group: All Ages

We emphasize the Bible when we teach our children. If you want your children to come to know Christ through the Scriptures, this is the place to go. We have classes for each age group that meet on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Along with Scripture, we emphasize closeness and service as a community of Christians. You will see through the activity list below that we intend to bring out the everyday leader that God planned for your child to be!

Do Something: Making a Difference

Intended Age Group: Ages 12-up

In 2014 we instituted a new service week for our teens. We do work around the houses of people who cannot do it for themselves. After a couple of days of this, we also canvas our community and advertise for upcoming events like Vacation Bible School or Gospel Meetings. If a church is going to save, it needs to serve, and we place a high priority on serving here!

Kids’ Camp

Intended Age Group: Ages 5-8

Our older children go to camp for a week-long session, two weeks out of the year. Understandably, younger children (ages 5-8) want to do everything older children do, they are not usually ready (read: parents are not usually ready) for them to be away from home for a whole week. Kids’ Camp is a shortened camp session (less than 48 hours, from Thursday evening to Saturday morning) designed just for them. It is much like a Vacation Bible School hosted at Sardis Lake Christian Camp, and it will have your children excited about camp for years to come!

KNOT (Kids’ Night on Tuesday)

Intended Age Group: Grades K-6

Twice per month on Tuesday, we get together with our children who are in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

During this time, children will spend time calling people on our church’s prayer list and making cards for them.

We encourage high school and college students to serve as mentors, which allows them to have a place to serve in the church during perhaps the most crucial faith-developing times of their lives.

Lads to Leaders

Intended Age Group: Ages 5-105

Lads to Leaders is not so much an activity as it is a vision and mindset. This program started several decades ago, and has since trained thousands of young people to lead singing, speak in front of crowds, debate spiritual topics, take part in a puppet show, and several other skills.

Furthermore, emphasis is placed year-round on reading the Bible at home, memorizing verses, doing service for your community and church, and using God-given talents to glorify Him. This is not only for young people, either. Adults are encouraged to lead in the same ways and to mentor the young people.

Maywood Christian Camp

Intended Age Group: Ages 8-18

Christian camps are about as close to heaven as one can get while on earth. Time is spent out among God’s creation in worship, study, and encouragement, and young people cannot help but to be influenced to overcome the immense pressures placed on them at school and through media.

Maywood will become for your children much more than a place to go or something to do. It will be a life-changing recharge that keeps them focused on heavenly things throughout the year!

Mission Mississippi

Intended Age Group: Ages 12-18

Once each year, we go to an area of Mississippi where Christianity is not as strong, and we spend a week knocking doors and conducting Bible studies. For the past four years, we have gone to Collins, MS, about 45 minutes from Hattiesburg.

Batesville Church of Christ emphasizes mission work with our outreach, and we want to include our young people by giving them a way to take active part in it. Plus, this work is basically in our back yard, so for us, “Go into all the world” begins right here!

On Solid Ground Retreat

Intended Age Group: Grades 7-College

Taking place at Maywood Christian Camp (which you can also read about on this page), OSG is an excellent way to refocus between school semesters. It takes place between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Sardis Lake Christian Camp

Intended Age Group: Ages 8-18

In addition to attending Maywood Christian Camp, we also attend Sardis Lake Christian Camp each summer. This camp is located in Batesville, and it becomes a place that is very dear to each person blessed with an opportunity to go there. As was said in the information above about Maywood, Christian camp is as close to heaven as one can get while on earth, and we take every opportunity to go to SLCC whenever we can.

In addition to the week-long session during the summer, we also attend weekend retreats in the fall and spring each year.

SNAC (Sunday Night After Church)

Intended Age Group: Grades 7-12

“Sunday Nights After Church”

Each Sunday evening when we are not out of town for camps or youth rallies, we assemble the teenage youth group for a time of food, fun, and fellowship. We also spend time singing worship songs together (singing that you would have to hear in person to believe that teenagers were doing it!). This is a good time for young people to bring their friends, play games, and laugh together, so that the community of friends that young people so desperately need can be provided for them.

TNT (Teens’ Night Thursday)

Intended Age Group: Grades 6-12

T.N.T. allows teenage Christians the opportunity to spend time with the youth minister in his home. We dedicate an hour or more to reading a chapter of the Bible and discussing what we read and how to apply it every day. We focus on ways for teenagers to apply God’s Word and to focus on its complete authority for guiding their lives.

We encourage college students also to attend T.N.T., so that their experiences in high school and transition to college can serve to help mentor the teenagers in a way that encourages both groups to remain faithful to God.

Vacation Bible School

Intended Age Group: Ages 2-12

Vacation Bible School is a big event for the Batesville Church of Christ. Decorations for our building have included: a room looking like the belly of a whale, a reenactment of the Red Sea parting, and many more. The expert teachers for these classes leave your children with a thorough knowledge of Bible stories and what they can mean for us even today. You will be amazed at what your children can learn at VBS!

Youth-Led Worship Services

At the Batesville Church of Christ, we understand that the young people are not simply “the future of the church.” We see them as capable leaders and Bible students today! On the third Sunday evening each month, we allow the young men to conduct the entire worship service! They lead the singing, they give us sermons from the Scriptures, and they focus our minds in prayer.

We also have Ladies’ Devotionals each month that allow our young women to serve by leading songs, giving lessons, and reading Scripture.

We can see that the future of the Batesville Church of Christ will be bright, because these young people are already shining examples of Christianity and leadership, whether at worship, school, sports, scouts, or anything else they do!

Youth Rally

Intended Age Group: Varies

Throughout the year, we are blessed to attend youth rallies with several sister churches in our area. These are good times for our young people and the adults who accompany them to renew their zeal for following Christ and setting spiritual examples for their friends and families.

We also have an annual youth rally here in Batesville on the first weekend of February. We hope that you will join us for some times of intense spiritual growth!

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