Local Ministries

Helping Hands

We enjoy working together creatively to serve our community and congregation in a loving and efficient way. Our Helping Hands groups help us to do just that. Whether we need to reach out to a community need, or feed our graduates, our Helping Hands Groups give us the ability to spread out and take care of outreach and encouragement with more individual attention. Furthermore, it gives every member a place to serve and make a difference. We could use your help!

Radio: Moments with the Master

Each weekday morning you can listen to our broadcast, “Moments with the Master,” on WBLE 100.5 FM.

If you missed a broadcast, or if you want to hear one again, go to our Radio Lessons archive. You can search for the broadcast by date, speaker, or title. The archive is located under the “Lessons” link above.

Devotionals at Fairfield Assisted Living

Each Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m., a group from the Batesville Church of Christ meets at Fairfield Assisted Living, located on Keating Rd. in Batesville.

We would enjoy your presence, and would love for you to sing along with us!

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